Saturday 2 March 2013

In The Post This Week

It's been a great couple of weeks for me in terms of the things that have slipped into my email or through my letterbox.

First off was Frank Bill's Donnybrook.  I've read this one and love it - it's a really powerful story that should be added to your list of to reads.  It's available from 5th March in the States and from 7th March in the UK.

Next, Blubber Island.  I'm intrigued by this one as it could be anything from the description.  The only way I'll find out is to read it and I'll let you know when I have done so.

Thanks to Ishmael Galvan for that one.

 I'm delighted to see that Dawn Reeves has released her debut novel and more delighted to see it this morning in the flesh.  It's set in the midlands and the book has a lovely feel to it.  Hard Change is where it's at and it was launched in London last night.  It's available in the UK and US as Kindle and paperback.


Then came Craig Wallwork's The Sound Of Loneliness.  I know Craig is a talented writer, so this has got me on pins. 

In the inbox, I was very pleased to get Kindle files of Beat To A Pulp Hardboiled 2.
and the autobiography of that lovely bear of a man, Josh Stallings, entitled All The Wild Children.
I'm also pleased to see that Blasted Heath continue their high-quality output with the latest Ray Banks, Inside Straight.  Way to go Heathens.
Thanks to all for sending and I hope to get to read and review in the next month or so.
Happy hunting. 

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