Thursday 14 March 2013


Before business, just to let you know that my latest collection The Shadows Of Death, put together while still under those shadows, is free for a couple of days in the UK and the US.

This next one isn't free, but you'll get your money's worth and more besides.  The Rapist:
Les Edgerton’s ‘The Rapist’ (US) is an extraordinary book.

In essence, it describes the events leading up to the protagonist’s incarceration and the time he passes as he waits his final dawn to arrive.

It’s written in a style of yester-year and there are sketches that suggest a contemporary setting; what I feel the author achieves by this juxtaposition is to direct his thoughts to the human condition as it’s always been rather than it might be at any given point.

The main character is an intellectual.  A pedant.  A philosopher.  He is in the middle of a war of attrition against the people he meets, himself and even more importantly with the reader.

It’s like being hit repeatedly by a blunt object as he cajoles and insists and backs up his arguments.  There are even times when the guy seems convincing and these are the most disturbing sections of all.

There aren’t many modern books like this, I’m pretty sure.  Though it may not always be a fun ride, there’s an element of satisfaction for the reader who takes this on in undertaking such a perilous journey.

I left ‘The Rapist’ battered, bruised and exhausted - what more can one say about a book than that?
The links I've used here are to kindle books, but if you prefer your books in paper form there's no reason to worry as it's available in a juicy paperback also.

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