Wednesday 1 November 2023



Rosa Santiago, a healer who relies on the natural resources of her island, is helping yet another army deserter to escape, only this time things are different. She cares for the soldier, for a start, and he has news of a mysterious plague that is devastating the barracks from which has escaped.

General Corales, leader of the occupying forces, would rather spend time in his garden than in conflict. Now he has a terrifying crisis to deal with and a second in command who seems intent of undermining every decision that is made.  

Sensing that this may be their time, the revolutionary forces rally for one more attempt to overthrow their oppressors. It won’t be easy for them to bring the different voices together, but the window of opportunity won’t be open for long.

As the situation develops, Rosa’s world is turned upside down. Her desire to heal and her support for the cause soon clash and finding a compromise is not going to be easy.

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