Monday, 12 August 2013

Sleeps With The Fishes

Do you know, I think I've managed to avoid too much self-promotion for a while and I'm happy that way.

Even so, I'd like to share a nice review for Sleeps With The Fishes (US).  Here's the review from 3rd August as spotted today:

'Written as a memoir of life in a dystopian future where a fascist regime has taken charge employing extreme scapegoating tactics and brutality, the protagonist is in hiding awaiting discovery. When the end comes you have a complete picture of the story so far and are as anxious yourself as he is. The writing is economical and every word gives its full weight to the story. Amazingly the author manages to include some amusing and pithy lines into a dark and sombre tale. This is an extremely well written short story and is well worth a look.'

There have been some others too:

'A great concept for a novel and would like to read more please! It was short but interesting read, which left me hungry for a bit more.'

'This short story is both atmospheric and claustrophobic. It features a man who has spent 18 months hiding in a basement from the authorities because of an accident of birth. A new government has decreed that people with the wrong birthsigns are to be done away with. I love a story that makes me think, 'What if..?' If it were proved that more criminals had one birth sign than another, would that be a reason for condemning all people born at that time of year? Of course not, but could a cunning politician or two make people believe it?

Nigel Bird's writing is conversational in this short story, but perhaps because of that, it is very direct. The story portrays an uneasy future which made me shudder. We often think, 'That couldn't happen' but we've been wrong before. A very good read. '


'I'm not a great fan of science fiction but Nigel Bird's tense, humanist short story is gripping.Great writing about real people. '

If the Amazon link doesn't thrill you, you can get it for free via WHSmith (courtesy of Kobo).

Thanks all.

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