Saturday, 3 August 2013

One Man's Opinion: GUMSHOE by PAUL D BRAZILL

In Gumshoe (US), Paul Brazill takes the idea of a cool Private Eye and turns it upside down and inside out in his creation Peter Orb.  One of the few things that Orb has in common with the done-to-death PI is that he’s a drinker and that life has been unkind to him.

This book reminds me of a Naked Gun/Airplane move as it’s packed with jokes, puns and whiplash humour, whether it is spawned by character, setting, dialogue or just because a word can become entertaining with a simple twist in a sentence.  It’s also worth mentioning the Albert Finney movie of the same name (Gumshoe!) as a possible inspiration and reference point.

The northern English slant is refreshing and its appeal should be universal.

A thoroughly enjoyable read which begs the question, who’ll play Orb on screen?  Something to tease you as much as the build up to the new Dr Who revelation later this weekend.  Answers on a saucy postcard please.

And speaking of Saucy, there’s more than a squirt of ketchup in this freebie.
Off you pop.


  1. Cheers Nigel. I think the real life Peter Ord should play the Gumshoe.Tim Roth would be good, though.

    Thanks for the Police Squad/ Naked gun comparison! I am a big fan but surely you know that ...

  2. Didn't know, but possibly should have. And see those dyslexic b and d reversals? Clearly I don't. Great book.

  3. Your reply was supposed to be ' don't call me Shirley...'

  4. doh! but i was on my phone at the time.