Tuesday 17 July 2012

Why Pulp Ink 2 is the Place2Be

I'm back.

Two weeks in Italy with my children, sunshine and books and I'm home.

Things aren't entirely back to normal yet and I don't really want them to be for now.  Better if the Venetian images can blind me for a few more days yet.

It's a fast moving world.  Things change.  One of my favourite new additions to the world it the sequel to Pulp Ink, Pulp Ink 2.   

There are many reasons that you should buy this, and here are a few:

it's the follow-up to Pulp Ink.

the stories are brilliant.

the writers are fantastic.

it's been published by Snubnose Press.

Chris Rhatigan is a great editor (I've loved working alongside him again, and look forward to the next time)

and the profits from our side will be going to charity.

Here's what I wrote in the intro:

When dealing with young people, schools have a huge responsibility.  There are so many pressures relating to academic performance that they sometimes need support to ensure they carry out other no-less significant responsibilities, such as with regard to pastoral care.

Within any population of youngsters, there will be issues that arise and need attention.  Teachers, bless them, have many strings to their bows, but when it comes to therapeutic approaches, they may be left-wanting, not least because of the pressures on their time.

Place2Be offers a solution to such problems and that's why all the proceeds from Pulp Ink 2 will go to help this wonderful organisation.

By working with pupils, their families and teachers, Place2Be achieves results that the curriculum couldn't begin to manage.

The approaches are varied, depending on the needs of a child.

For the most significant in terms of need, those who are the most damaged, a full year of weekly counselling sessions are offered within a therapeutic environment is offered.  As relationships are built, so is confidence and self-esteem.  Families and teaching staff are included in the support so that progress can be continued outside of the therapy room.

There's also the offer of Place2Talk.  It's open to all the children in a school so that they can discuss any situations that might be troubling them.  This can lead to mediation sessions or group work where appropriate.

The Place2Be staff also run circle-time sessions for classes to develop 'emotional literact' and respect for selves and others.

It doesn't stop there.

Working with children who have a range of difficulties is hugely challenging for staff.  Place2Be offers them the opportunity to talk about their own issues and keep them on track, thus helping to maintain high standards of pastoral care and education.

On top of that, all therapists have their own counselling sessions to make sure that they understand the significance of what is happening and to ensure they aren't pulled under by the tow of their pupils' needs.

The therapists work on a voluntary basis.  The core staff and organisers can't.  As with all great initiatives, there's a funding aspect related to its maintenance.

I'd like to see Place2Be grow so that it's in every school.  Our children deserve that.

By purchasing Pulp Ink 2, you'll be helping kids along on their way.  And that's a wonderful thing.

Pulp Ink 2 is available as a Kindle ebook (US)or in print.  Go celebrate.

And tomorrow's post won't be entirely unrelated to this one - a review of the novel 'Harvest Of Ruins'.  The links may become clear when you read what I thought of it.

Nice to be back.

Now where's that umbrella?


  1. Wow - that holiday sounds perfect, Nigel. I wish! ;) Welcome back, mate. And it's a great cause that you've set up with Pulp Ink 2. On ya!

  2. Great to have you on board, too. You bring great flavours with you.