Friday 20 January 2012


Martin Edwards is a man who is widely respected in the writing world.  He will have a piece in the Mammoth Best British Crime Stories 9 which will can be pre-ordered now (the publication date is less than 2 weeks away now).

Here he gives a valuable list of some of his favourite works:

What is your favourite short story?

‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson

Your favourite Sherlockian story?

‘The Red-Headed League’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

Your favourite classic detective story?

‘The Avenging Chance’ by Anthony Berkeley

Your favourite humorous story?

‘The Murder at the Towers’ by E V Knox

Your favourite ‘impossible crime’ story?

‘The House in Goblin Wood’ by John Dickson Carr

Your favourite American crime short story?

‘Don’t Look Behind You’ by Fredric Brown

Your favourite modern crime short story?

‘The Rio De Janeiro Paper’ by Reginald Hill

Your favourite contemporary short story writer?
William Trevor

Your most successful story?
‘The Bookbinder’s Apprentice’ which won the CWA Dagger
Your favourite of your own stories?

‘Waiting for Godstow’

Your thoughts about ‘Clutter’, which appears in the Mammoth Book?

A dark story that was fun to write

                               Martin Edwards’ latest novel is ‘The Hanging Wood’


  1. Very nice choices and I will have to hunt some of them down.

  2. Martin - Oh, these really are fine choices! Thanks for sharing.