Saturday 31 December 2011

Top Ten Short Reads

Happy New Year all.

Busy times here, so brevity is the key.

I'm keeping it short for 2 reasons.  One, it's my birthday and two, I've just managed to delete an almost fully fledged post without it being saved or auto saved.  How it happened - check out old saying 'less haste more speed'.

But I'm not bitter. Well, just a little.

My birthday will be spend with my parents and later my wife and kids.  It will also be spend in a car driving the 5 hours between the 2.  I'll be happy enough, though.  Kids in the back seat for company and Dirty Old Town continuing to roll along.

There's also the Pablo D'Stair competition.  I did lots on that one and praised Pablo for his courage and his ability.  I still think he's toast.  Pop over to the site and find out how to take part in this immaculate conception.

And here's my top ten list of short story collections by individual authors from the year.  I've read a huge number and I've also still got a pile of to-be-reads. 

Please excuse the lack of extra detail.  Keeping it short and sweet is the order of the day.

Dave White More Sinned Against

Patti Abbott Monkey Justice

Edward A Grainger The Adventures Of Cash Laramie And Gideon Miles (the follow up collection is free today here).

Heath Lowrance Dig Ten Graves

Paul D Brazill Thirteen Shots Of Noir

McDroll Kick It

Anonymous-9 Hard Bite

Darren Sant Longcroft Estate series

Russel D McLean The Death Of Ronnie Sweets

Julie Morrigan Gone Bad

R Thomas Brown's Mayhem!

I've dashed those off using the top of my head.  If, through the day I get one of those 'doh' moments, I'll be sure to edit the page (though not remove any of the above as I feel pretty safe with such a strong list) and I've even pressed save (less haste, see).

And like I said, Happy New Year.



  1. Safe travels Nigel and happy Birthday mate.
    Thanks so much for including me. Honoured to be part of that line up.

  2. Thanks very much for that! (I need to check out Dave White & Russell Mclean's) Happy birthday and happy new year!

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. I'll be checking out the ones I haven't got.

  4. What SPR said. And what David said. And what PDB said. Oh hell, more money spent -- with a great deal of pleasure.

  5. Nigel, you did more than "a lot of work on it" you are the effing heart and soul of the little project. As often, I am in your debt. Cheers, mate.