Tuesday, 6 December 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

‘Elizabeth Fleming died only hours after she’d been born, or at least that’s what everyone thought.

It was only when a doctor went to check on her in the mortuary and noticed a flicker in Elizabeth’s eye that they tried once more to revive her.

From that day on, life was to be a struggle. Ever since then her life has been tough. The implications of Cerebral Palsy have been far-ranging. Reaching the milestones of life took longer than usual, surviving the school system, coping with the name-calling and the depression have all led to battles. They’ve also brought love and joy and inspiration.

This is the tale of a woman who drew upon the warmth and strength offered by her friends and family to become the popular lady she is today. Here, she shares that warmth and strength so that you, too, may draw comfort from it.’

Maybe it's the case that things come along when you really need them. Just maybe.

When I read the story of Elizabeth Fleming, I was really moved. Not only did it emphasise to me the need for us all to treat each other with respect, but it underlined how people in my chosen profession (teaching) can have a hugely powerful influence on children whether that's positive or negative.

Living with a disability isn't easy. This story emphasises that fact for me. It's often the small steps that are important here, a toe-by-toe journey into the world. And it seems that however hard a person tries to pick themselves up and battle with their own adversities, there'll always be those out there picking on easy targets and trying to keep them down. It’s why I decided to help her get it to this stage, so that others could benefit from her experience.

I really enjoyed this insight. It inspired me and made me consider my own grumbles with a deeper sense of perspective.

Elizabeth is a woman to admire and to learn from. Keep up the good work.

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