Sunday 18 December 2011


Pulp Ink is now 86p or $1.36 including tax.  Now that's a bargain. 

So who's in it?

Allan Guthrie
Reed Farrel Coleman
Gary Phillips
Hilary Davidson
Matthew C. Funk
Paul D. Brazill
AJ Hayes
Michael J. Solender
Richard Godwin
Naomi Johnson
Jimmy Callaway
Sandra Seamans
Patti Abbott
Jodi MacArthur
David Cranmer
Chris F. Holm
Jason Duke
Eric Beetner
Ian Ayris
Kate Horsley
Matt Lavin
Jim Harrington
Nigel Bird
Chris Rhatigan

And why should you take a look?

'This is one of the best collections of short fiction you will ever see. Grab it now: Pulp Ink is ready to thrill, chill and entertain in ways you never thought possible.' Julie Lewthwaite, Sunderland, 5 stars

'It may be that the anthology format will be the best one for e-publishing. At least with the newer generation of pulp writers, this seems to be the best introduction to their works. I found this collection to be a quick and deadly read, perfect for my Sony e-Reader. Editors Bird and Rhatigan are to be commended for putting together a selection which is of superior quality.
The editors of Pulp Ink had a great idea: take little snippets of dialogue from Pulp Fiction the movie, send them to a host of writers working the same groove and ask them to write short stories based on the ideas. The result is this tome, a book with an edge every thousand words. I'm no Tarantino scholar (are there any?), but I do feel the vibe of his 90's classic funneled through these stories.'
Timothy Mayer, Philly, 5 stars

'Most writers who feature in this collection have hit a home run. This is an addictive collection and there's no real let down here but the best stories have been written by David Cranmer, Allan Guthrie, Paul D. Brazill, Chris F. Holm, Hilary Davidson, Chris Rhatigan, Nigel Bird and Sandra Seamans. It's varied, it's wild and it's not for the faint hearted. Definitively a collection to check out. Very strong line-up of stories.' Ben, Montreal, 5 stars 

'PULP INK is probably the short story bargain of the year so far, if you consider sheer volume of stories as well as the quality of those stories. It's jam-packed, and every entry is AT LEAST very good. More than three-fourths are downright brilliant.
But you know, it was bound to be great, wasn't it? Look at the editors: Nigel Bird and Chris Rhatigan. Two fellas who know a thing or two about what makes good stories work.'
  Heath Lowrance, 5 stars

'It was obvious to me by the time I had read the first three or four stories of this anthology that I had a problem. Writing an effective review of Pulp Ink would be like trying to clean the Humber Bridge with a toothbrush. Why? Quite simple because each story is like a sparking gem in the mud that is the e-book market. This anthology shone so brightly to me that I felt I had to wear shades when reading it. The editors deserve great credit for putting together such a fine collection. This is up there with the best of them and possibly my most enjoyable read this year.' Groovydaz, Hull, 5 stars

'I first picked up this collection after hearing so many good things about it and you know what? They are all true. Anthologies can be hit and miss, especially ones that "specialise" in a genre - not so with Pulp Ink....Certainly a collection that deserves its time in your collection.' Paul Phillips, 4 stars

'Purged from the dark and twisted minds of some of the most talented crime writers today, Pulp Ink is an intense and dirty fusion of nefarious short stories and smack you right in the kisser flash fiction. Rising up like a carousing prize fighter in a dark alley, these stories will clobber you with an elbow smash to the noggin when you least expect it.'  Julia Madeleine, Toronto-ish, 5 stars

'Grab this and read it. Devour it.' R Thomas Brown (fiction editor, Spinetingler Magazine), 5 stars

Yes, I have a story in this collection but I still recommend this whipcrack of a read. There are lots of gems but favorites Include:A J Hayes' intense 'Padre',Patricia Abbott's Highsmith meets Gothic 'The Wife Of Gregory Bell',Jimmy Callaway's mini movie 'Comanche', Hilary Davidson's smart 'The Little Piggy' and the hardboiled 'Requiem For A Spider' by Reed Farrel Colman.Highly recommended.' Paul D Brazill, Bydgoszcz, 5 stars

'An excellent collection, well put together and all for a bargain price. Highly recommended for all noir fans.' Guilty Conscience, Liverpool, 5 stars


Happy Christmas to you all from the Pulp Ink Wrecking Crew.

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