Friday 24 February 2012

Dancing With Myself: KARINA KANTAS interviews KARINA KANTAS

Among the current deluge of free books, one that I'm intending to hook for myself, Free Range Institution by Michael Haskins.  It's a Mick Murphy Key West Mystery.

You can also pick up a copy of a free book by the legend that is Doc Noir.  Choke On Your Lies is free all weekend.  No way can you be bored now.
And here's a short interview today from Karina Kantas, a lady who seems to be ever ready to dance. I'll let her do the talking:

Oh, this looks like a lot of fun. I’m game.

*coughs and clears throat* Today we’re talking to author Karina Kantas. Thank you for taking the time to be here.

My pleasure.

Congratulations on the release of your latest novel, Huntress. Can you tell us something about it?

Huntress is an urban thriller. It’s a novel about a female journalist who goes undercover as a member of a motorcycle club called the Wolves. Sofi is the daughter of Jade and Marcus, two ex members of the Tyrants. After learning that the Wolves killed her uncle and issued the death threat to her parents, she vows revenge.

Huntress is your first traditionally published novel after 10 years and four self-published titles. How does it feel?

Amazing, and it's a long time coming. Patience is a virtue. Many thanks to all the staff at MMP.

I’m hoping I won’t have to self-publish again. Although I love the freedom I have on my book pricing, and marketing strategies, I just don’t have the time anymore. I’m putting eight hours a day into promoting my titles, and I have two small children. This is why I need an agent. To make sure that the time and effort I’m putting into promotion, actually pays off.

You’ve been searching for a literary agent for over ten years. Many would have thrown in the towel by now. What keeps you motivated?

My books deserve a wider audience and there is a vast marketplace out there for this genre of fiction. I just need to find someone with the same passion as I have, someone who can see the huge potential. I’m not one to give up easily. The reviews and excellent support I get from my international fans motivate me to continue my search for a literary agent.

Can you explain the story behind the cover for Huntress?

I was lucky enough to be able to work side by side with the publisher’s talented cover artist, Stephen Blundell. I got exactly what I wanted.

The Wolf represents the Wolves motorcycle club. The woman is Sofi, and no it’s not a likeness of me (well, not much.) The skyline is of London UK where the book is set. And on the back cover the silver symbol is of the Tyrant’s tag. I felt it was important for that image to be on the book somewhere.

And your new novel Road Rage, can you tell us a little about it?

Road Rage is my completed urban thriller which I’m currently submitting to agents. The public sees Rage as a clean-cut, wining, sponsored super bike racing team. However, behind the scenes, there is illegal road racing, murder and gun trafficking.

Do you think we might see Huntress on the big screen soon? I thought it would make a super movie.

Never say never. Who knows? You’ll have to ask my agent when I get one. *winks*

Thank you again for the interview and we wish you lots of success with all your books.

Huntress is available at Amazon in the UK and the US, Kindle and also at Barnes And Noble.

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