Tuesday, 22 November 2011

With Love And Squalor

This time last week I had no thoughts about a third collection.  It was probably the furthest thing from my mind.

On Wednesday, I went over to the Blasted Heath page to see what the e-book cover sale was all about and couldn't help but take a punt.

I had a cover then, and decided that I could actually use it well.

Collecting the stories was the easy part.  I'd been looking forward to sharing them with a broader audience and am really looking forward to some feedback.

The title was another matter.  In the end, I went for With Love And Squalor.  I've been smitten by the works of Salinger since I began to enjoy reading and love his title choices.  Not only that, but it seems to sum up the way I write.  There's always love in there somewhere, even if it's just coming from me.  And there's almost always squalor in some form.  Perfect, then.

The cover here was designed by JT Lindroos.  I'd like to thank him for the opportunity and for the kindness and easy going way in which he took it all.  I think you'll agree, he's pretty damn good at what he does.  If you didn't see yesterday's post, I'd urge you to follow the links to see just what he has done.  Amazing.

Anyway, the info on the collection goes like this:

When ‘An Arm And A Leg’ was published by Crimespree Magazine in January 2010, we were to witness Nigel Bird’s debut as a crime-writer.  Soon afterwards, the story was chosen by Maxim Jakubowski for the Mammoth Best British Crime Stories 8.

Since then, Bird has been the winner of the Watery Grave Invitational competition, won the Things I’d Rather Be Doing fairytale crime competition and been nominated for the Best Story Online  in the Spinetingler awards for 2011.

With Love And Squalor’ is his 3rd collection of stories.  In it, we see the range of his talents, a spread of individual pieces which combine to provide readers with a powerful and emotional experience that they aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Among praise for Nigel Bird’s work includes:
Nigel Bird is one of our most skilful and insightful short story writers’ Heath Lowrance
‘The real deal.”  Les Edgerton
‘A rare talent.’ Allan Guthrie
‘Really good.’ Ian Rankin
‘What an excellent storyteller Bird is.’ McDroll
‘I’ve enjoyed Bird’s short fiction for years.’ Thomas Pluck
Yeah, Smoke by Nigel Bird, is everything a good story should be.’ Sabrina Ogden
‘Ever since I first read Dirty Old Town by Nigel I have been a fan of his short stories.’ Darren Sant
‘A definition of noir itself’ Lifelongdagger
‘Complex characters, a well-constructed story and very fine writing.’ Chris Rhatigan
‘Your eyes and your heart are filled with one single shining jewel called, Hope.’ AJ Hayes
‘Exciting up-and-coming talent.’ Maxim Jakubowski
You can get this for 99c in the US, 86p in the UK and (if you're still not tempted) free from Smashwords over the next couple of days using the discount code HK57G.
Thanks all for the time.
Now go read stuff.

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