Wednesday, 1 June 2011

When The Cover Is Blown

Pablo D'Stair has produced the cover above for his novella 'This Letter To Norman Court'.

If you're one of those who's already smelled this particular pot of coffee, you'll know the story's a gripping tale of a man who's been giving a spade and just keeps digging that grave for himself.
Should you not have read the serialisation thus far, follow the link and you can begin at the beginning.

'Norman Court' will be available from Kuboa's press sometime later this year, as will a number of other works by the same talent.

There'll be free ebooks as well as print editions for your pleasure.

Mister Trot From Tin Street
             exhibit A

                                                                                               Mister Trot From Tin Street
                                                                                                Exhibit B

Problem is, Pablo is too talented for his own good.  These covers of his are the two he needs to choose from .  It's a more difficult task in that he'd like them to fit together, so the Norman Court cover also needs to be taken into consideration.

Here's where you can help.

If you have an eye for these things, even if you don't, leave your vote in the comments section.

If you are one of the pickers of the winner, you'll have the chance of receiving a free copy when the time comes, so it has to be worth taking a chance. 

50/50 some might say.

I doubt our purveyor of existential noir would completely agree.

On Pablo's behalf, I'd like to thank you for your help.


  1. 'Norman Court' is fantastic stuff. Need to get caught up with that.

    I'll go with exhibit B. Don't really want to see any of this guy's face as I already have a conception of what he looks like.

  2. Has to be A if it's to fit with the one at the top because in it you can see part of the girl's face. B is a totally different concept.

  3. Exhibit B. Looks a bit 'classy'. Thanks for the nudge, Nigel. Time has been my enemy of late and I have some catching up to do with 'This Letter...'


  4. Numero Dos. Hooked like Ahab to the Great White Whale on this story and its format.

  5. I think exhibit B.

    In the first example Mister Trot looks handsome and well dressed and the texture and colouring make me think it will be a slick spy story.

    The second makes me think it will be a somewhat grittier tale with a touch of menace.

    I speak as someone who knows nothing of the books and might come across them on a bookshelf for the first time.