Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dancing With Myself: LEA WAIT interviews LEA WAIT

Nigel said this blog had to have 10 answers, which is sort of strange, because he didn’t ask me any questions. So I think I’ll play it safe and start with the 10.
How old were you when your family moved to Maine, Lea?
And how many books have you had published so far?
How old were you when you decided to be a writer?
That sounds very precocious! How old were you when you were first able to read?
How many months, on average, does it take you to research and write one of your mysteries?
Your most recent book, published this spring is Shadowsof a Down East Summer, An Antique Print Mystery. It’s a contemporary novel, but includes sections of a diary written by a young girl who posed for Winslow Homer on the coast of Maine in 1890. What happened to her that summer – the lies she told, and the secrets she kept, changed her family forever, and resulted in one of her descendants being murdered today.
How many books have you written in that series now?
And how many of your historical novels set in nineteenth century Maine have been published?
How many books you’ve written are currently sitting on editors’ desks in NYC awaiting decisions?
Your mystery series protagonist, Maggie Summer, lives in New Jersey, but she seems to spend a lot of time in Maine.  How many of the five books in the series are set in the Pine Tree State?
How many times have your mysteries been nominated for Agatha Awards?
That doesn’t seem very long.  Can I add that there’s more information about Lea Wait on and that people can friend her on FB even if they don’t know her, because she’s very friendly, and that they should buy Shadowsof a Down East Summer either in print of in e-book format. It’s a good read.  Thank you. Good Bye. 

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