Wednesday 27 April 2011

Dancing With Myself: SABRINA OGDEN interviews SABRINA OGDEN

Sabrina runs a blog called My Friends Call Me Kate and that might seem confusing.  Never mind.  Should you go over at any time you'll find reviews that are full of feeling and personal response as well as lots of smiles.  It's a unique style that works really well for me and many others.  Proud to have her here today.

Q: “Would you like to start with a hard question or an easy question?”

A: “Easy.”

Q: “Define easy.”

A: “Where’s the dictionary?”

Q: “Okay. What is *your* definition of an easy question?”

A: “Something I can answer.”

Q “Do your friends really call you Kate?”

A: “Define friends.”

Q: “Good grief, woman. Just answer the question.”

A: :-P~~~ “My coworkers, the ones I started the book blog for, they call me Kate.”

Q: “Why?”

A: “It happened by accident when we were at lunch and I was telling them about this really cool dream I had shortly after reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward where I was a human female that got busted by the Blind King, Wrath (he leads the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The BDB is the most incredible group of vampire warriors you’ll ever meet!). I was busted for slaying Lessers. (Lessers are the enemy to vampires in the BDB series.) They’re a ruthless group of mofos. Uh, if they were real… they’d be “the” ruthless group of mofos, ever. Strong. Ugly. Completely crazy. Well, anyway…

The Brotherhood found out I was slaying Lessers on the side and I was summoned to a meeting before the King. It was horrible. The Brothers were all ticked off and standing around giving me the death stare. It was quiet for the longest time and then the King said, “females are forbidden to fight in the war against the Lessers.” And of course I responded with, “female “vampires” are forbidden. Last I checked I was human, and if I’m not mistaken your rules don’t apply to me.”

Ya… it didn’t go over very well. The King shot out of his chair and grabbed me by the collar. He put his finger in my face and started calling me Kate. It didn’t matter how many times I told him my name wasn’t Kate, he didn’t care. Before I knew it I had managed to convince the Brotherhood that I’d be a great asset to their team and I was forever known as: Kate, The Female Slayer of the Lessers.

Pretty cool title, huh?”

Q: *shaking head* “Did you just make that up?”

A: “Ummm. No.”

Q: “Do you have dreams about all the books you read?”

A: “Pretty much.”

Q: “And everyone calls you Kate?”

A: *sigh* “Pretty much.”

Q: “Care to add to that?”

A: “There really isn’t anything to say. Characters I would read about started calling me Kate in my dreams so I gave her the last name of Dahson (spelled with an “h” in tribute to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and JR Ward). She’s smart, beautiful, witty, charming, and extremely intelligent. And the best part is she can kick some serious butt. She’s quick with a dagger and is a perfect marksman … when she isn’t carrying her Limited Edition Walther PPK/S Aristocrat 380. They only made 500. The number on mine is low double digits so it sits in the case and never gets used. It’s a very pretty and powerful weapon, but I won’t use it to save anyone in a dream. Not even Oscar Martello, and I love Oscar Martello.”

Q: “So this Kate stuff. Is that where you came up with the concept for your book blog?”

A: “Uh, no. I don’t think I had a true concept for the blog. I started talking about books at work and someone said it would be fun for me to write about all the stories I had been sharing. So… I started a blog. Not necessarily a “book” blog. It was just a blog. It was supposed to be a place for me to tell stories and share dreams with my friends. I really had no intention of writing book reviews. In fact, I intentionally avoided them. The original blog was title, Buried in Books. But when I found out people other than my coworkers were reading it I became nervous and I dumped the domain and the title and started over. I renamed it, My Friends Call Me Kate, which by that time, those who knew me understood the title.”

Q: “So if your intention was to never write reviews why did you start writing them?”

A: “I fell in love with reading and I wanted to give back to the writing community. I decided to attend book signings in the Salt Lake Valley so that the authors knew they had support. I know it isn’t easy sitting at those tables waiting and hoping for someone to acknowledge you. The thought of all the people I purposely ignored at those tables broke my heart.

So, I searched out a book signing and made plans to attend with a friend. I befriended the authors on Facebook in order to break some ice before meeting them and to let them know I would be in attendance. It was perfect. I had a wonderful time at my first book signing, but I knew when I left that I needed to learn how to write reviews. I guess for the first time, the people behind the writing became just as important as the characters I read about. Things just evolved from there. When my coworkers read my first review they made it pretty clear that they wanted me to do more. So I do what I can and hope people know it’s sincere and honest.”

Q: “Your reviews usually come with a personal story in the introduction. How has this been received by your blog readers?”

A: “Ya, most of my reviews come with some sort of personal experience. Only because I need an opener and reading is so personal to me. I rarely read a book that doesn’t invoke some personal memory. And if I have a dream about a book… I don’t have a problem sharing. Hey, dreams are a form a flattery. I may be the only person talking about dreams, but I promise you, I’m not the only one having them. As far as the reception from my blog readers… I’ve only received positive comments so far. I’ve lived a pretty interesting life and I’m afraid I’m turning into my grandmother when it comes to the story sharing. Luckily it’s in writing format. I’d bore everyone to death if you had to listen to me talk.”

Q: “Your Twitter profile reads, I am a grasshopper by day, creator of a really lame book blog, wife, mother to two adorable beagles, and a lover of books and eating. My friends call me Kate. Do you really think your book blog is lame?”

A: “I thought it was when I first created it. Compared to all of the real book blogs out there I’d have to say mine is a little odd. But in all fairness to me, I couldn’t find a word to describe it. I write reviews, but not really. I look at the definition of the word lame now and it does kind of describe me… inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy. And in the beginning, well, even now at times, I still feel those things. Do I really think its lame? No. Do I feel inadequate? All the time. Am I clumsy? Who isn’t? Should I rewrite my Twitter bio? Yep.”

Q: “What do you love most about your blog?”

A: “The people I’m meeting and the personal growth. People probably won’t believe this, but I’ve been quiet and shy my entire life. I was always the kid trying hard to fit in. Always the kid standing against the wall at the dances and waiting for that last minute invite to activities. I’m really disappointed that reading wasn’t a part of my life growing up. No, I’m not the same person I was just over a year ago when I fell in love with reading. And I’m learning things…”

Q: “You’ve been known to fall in and out love with a lot of men on your blog. If you had to name one, who would it be?”

A: “Daniel B O’Shea. Oh, wait. He’s real. Well, I’m currently in love with this older man named Oscar Martello. I have no words to describe him, but I will admit that I’ve been postponing reading a short story collection for fear that the main character might snag my heart. Scott Finn was my first love. Jack Reacher, my second. Nick Heller, my third. I love them all, but I love Oscar the most. I mean, if you could really love a fictional character I’d love Oscar the most. Ummm, can we move on with the next question? I’m digging a hole here.”

Q: “Have you ever asked your husband to role play characters?”

A: “Hahahahaha… dork!”

Q: “Okay, moving on. Any big plans on My Friends Call Me Kate?”

A: “I met this really wonderful paranormal romance writer on Twitter. She’s in the process of finding an agent and all the good stuff that comes with being a writer. I love her flash fiction pieces. She’s recently agreed to write a series of stories for the blog. In fact, I’m planning to introduce her as soon as this blog post hits the webosphere, or whatever those writer types call it. A lot of my blog readers are my coworkers, so I know they are excited about this and I’m hoping other people will stop by the blog and check out her writing and show their support. It isn’t easy putting your work out there for the public to see. I’m just thankful she’s willing to be a part of my blog.”

Q: “What’s the hardest part about having a book blog?”

A: “Finding all the time needed to read and write. And writing isn’t my strength. Not many people know this, but I lost my memory in a car accident in 1998. I was hit by a drunk driver and spent close to 3 years learning how to walk and several years trying to regain chunks of memory that I had lost.

I thought I had regained everything that I had forgotten, but I learned pretty quickly that my writing skills were below par when I started my blog; grammar, punctuation, sentence structure. After the accident it was easy to get by. I was teaching law enforcement classes for the Sheriff’s Department and if I couldn’t find a word I needed to fill in the sentence, I would just give a dramatic pause like I was testing the officers and eventually someone would give me the word I needed. But when I started to write, it didn’t matter how long my dramatic pauses were. I learned very quickly that no one was going to type in the word for me, properly construct my sentences or take care of the grammar and punctuation problems.

Not knowing these things used to keep me awake at night, but I’m learning more and more every day. I find it more of an annoyance now than a hindrance. My writing won’t be perfect, but it’s something I’m working on. I was told once that people didn’t expect my writing to be perfect because I’m not a professional writer. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I just know that I’d like to know more than just enough to get by. So I’ll keep working on it. I think in that respect, I’ve grown to love my blog even more because I can see how much I’ve grown along the way.”

Q: “Okay, last question. Pancakes or Waffles?”

A: “I actually prefer French Toast. But in the end I guess it really doesn’t matter since all three items are just a side dish to the real food on the plate.”

Q: “The real food on the plate? Which is?”

A: “Duh! BACON!” =)

Many thanks.

For what it's worth, I think Sabrina's a gorgeous name.

You might also want to pop on over to Shotgun Honey to find Kate's/Sabrina's talents used in different ways. They're looking for submissions, so what are you waiting for?


  1. Great stuff. My Friends Call Me Kate is an essential stop on my blog walks.

  2. I loved the story behind the Kate name! Great stuff.

    And I'm a fan of Oscar Martello myself.

  3. "Inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy"? Not hardly. A marvelous, candid, charming interview by one of my favorite people on the Interwebs...

  4. Yet again she dazzles us. Oh Kate you are so much fun and I look forward to reading Dawn's entries on your site.

  5. Fun interview, SabriKate! [Or should the name-meld be Katrina? Hmm, maybe not... ;p] I did not know about the accident and memory loss. Bravo on all your hard work to come back from that!

    In regards to your dreams, have you ever gone to bed in the middle of a book and your dreams try to finish how the story will end?

  6. You know it's mutal, don'tcha baby? I mean it's good for me, too. Swell interview, kiddo. And thanks for the love.

  7. Fun and informative, Sabrina. I'll be checking into your blog for Dawn's stories.

  8. Great interview, refreshing and fun, and thank god not that dreaded question of "what advice would you give to aspiring...uh reviewers?"
    I can relate to the dream thing. I've had huge chunks of my stories play out in dreams before I wrote them. Re-occuring characters from dreams that I've worked into the stories, plot problems solved. so on.

  9. Your voice is so refreshing and fun and you are just the greatest friend to chat to and read on the webiverse. Keep reading, writing, reviewing, giving love and looking after your lovely doggies. xx

    You need to interview yourself more often! It works!

  10. Great fun, thanks for sharing!

  11. SO, you've removed all doubt about what we all already strongly suspected... girl, you be crazy! Of course that's just one of the many reasons why we all love you. :-)

  12. Just want to say thanks to all of you for stopping by and taking the time to read the ramblings of the seriously insane. =) Sad thing is... all of it's true and I'm mighty thankful I can finely rest knowing the truth is out there. Seriously... thanks, Nigel. I've been overwhelmed with your kindness and your interest in my blog. Thank you times 100!

  13. What a cute gal and an entertaining piece.

  14. Will I get an cable announcing I have reached friend statues and thus can call you Kate? Of does being friends on FB count... hummmm Great fresh fun. Thanks for a peek into your world... I dream about books I'm reading from time to time, but never about ones I'm writing... hummm. Any way... Thanks for this.

    Josh Stallings.