Tuesday 30 November 2010

Dancing With Myself: TONY BLACK interviews TONY BLACK

I've just been putting together a list of my 5 favourite short stories of the year and Tony Black was the author of one of them. To find out which one it was, you'll have to pop over to Death By Killing when the time is right.

It's an honour then to have a brief word here from Mr Black, interviewed by Mr Pink if I'm not mistaken.

1- Your protagonist, Gus Dury, is a washed-up hack … any similarities to the author?

You cheeky bast’d, that’s the most outrageous question I’ve ever been asked. How dare you.

2- He’s an alkie too …

So, what are you saying?

3- Nothing … like a drink do you?

I’m tee-total … But, okay, I might be a washed-up hack.

4- Bet you get those questions all the time …

Yeah, well. What’s your next one, something about Edinburgh?

5- Tell us something about Edinburgh?

It’s got a big castle.

6- And, you set your books there, don’t you?

You know I do. It’s a great place to set a crime novel … in fact, I’ve just set my latest one there.

7- Are you trying to get me to ask about the new novel, in like, some kind of blatant self promotion?


8- Go on then … tell us about the new novel.

Well … the latest Gus Dury is LONG TIME DEAD – ritual hanging, secret societies and Gus up to his neck in it all.

9- Does he get a hard time, then?

Possibly his hardest yet, but after this one I’m giving him a rest. I’d say LTD is the last Gus Dury novel I’ll write. I’ve started a new character series, about a cop called Rob Brennan, from guess where … Edinburgh.

10- So, when’s that out?

Next year, Feb, I think … it’s called TRUTH LIES BLEEDING and I'm quietly chuffed with it.



  1. Oh, short and sharp Tone!Great writer.

  2. Okay another book added to my list. Truth, Lies and Breeding is it? Another cattle related book? (mutter) the things I do. I like interviews that make me chuckle and mutter. This one does both.

  3. That was great! A quick slap to the chops to wake me up this morn. Great fun!