Friday 5 August 2016


'He hated all the women and he hated God. He's been trying to get back at both ever since.'

Grey O’Donnell is a bounty hunter. With his young partner and mute Apache brother, he boards a train to catch his latest target red-handed. Unfortunately, the sheriff from Grey’s home tome of Retribution is also on board. The sheriff and Grey have history and it’s not of the good kind. The sheriff twists the situation to his advantage, arrests Grey and makes plans for his demise.

Thankfully, Grey’s friends help him out of a tight spot and they land up in the new town of Sandwater where they meet an array of interesting characters who enjoy the peaceful nature of their home.  

The old vendetta between Grey and the Sheriff is soon reopened, though, and sparks and flames soon follow.

The Guns Of Retribution (US) is full of contrasts - the two towns, Grey’s comrades, a pair of sisters central to the plot,  the cowardly and the brave and the good and the not so. The action scenes are nicely handled, the tension is built at a satisfying pace and there are whip-cracking lines peppered throughout. Predictable events are avoided and the spanners and hammers that are thrown into the works are most welcome. Entertaining stuff and a solid deal at 99p/99c.

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