Wednesday 7 May 2014

‘Hoods’ is an extremely strong collection of short fiction. It recreates a period in modern American history that I’ve always been fascinated by and paints it in shades I’ve not really associated with it before. There are strong themes in the work as outlined in the title and the stories overlap a in a number of respects. They’re also substantial pieces in their own right and any one of them would be worth the price of entry.

Many of the characters have been damaged in some way, often related to coming back from war and having to come to terms with their nightmares. Either that, or they’ve lived through the depression or been damaged by those who were supposed to keep them safe. They’re trying to find something or someone to settle their hearts and minds and to help them with their loneliness and this is no easy quest. They’re also capable of extremes of behaviour that make for interesting reading.

I found each piece to be haunting even after their resolutions, for in these stories the ending is often only a new beginning.

Wrapped up in the tales of car racing, robbery, scrapping, killing and stolen guitars there are many tender moments of humanity and poetry.

I loved the backdrop and the way the writers handled the sense of time and place. They had me purring like some of the car engines I’ve come to know a little better.

I’ll not single out any one in particularly; for me, my favourite was always the one I was reading at the time.

An excellent collection that you really shouldn’t miss, especially if your looking for something vibrant and fresh to engage with.


  1. Glad you liked it, man. Thanks for giving it a write-up.

  2. Very strong work, Chad. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a prize-winner in here. Hope it pans out!!