Tuesday 12 June 2012

Win A Copy Of 'In Loco Parentis'

There was an old man from Dunbar
Who wrote in a colour called noir
His friends thought him crazy
And nothing but lazy
Didn't think that he'd get very far

OK.  Poetic licence. 

I'm not old, but I certainly am not young.  And I'm not that lazy, not when it comes to the business of writing.

Anyway, I brought out In Loco Parentis as a tree-book last week.  Which means I can give a copy away. 

I'll send one to the winner of this competition.

I got the idea while teaching last week.  I was covering a class and decided to try and do some work with them on Limericks.  It's an easy form on the surface, but for youngsters it can be really difficult to get all the ingredients right at the same time.  Sometimes the rhymes there without the pattern and so on. In the end, it was me who did the learning.

All you need to do to try and win my book is to write a limerick about yourself and post it in the comments.  I'll pick the one I like the best and that's it.  I guess the deadline is Saturday (for a moment there, I felt like God).  Saturday it is.

Is it a prize worth winning?  That's not really for me to say, but I think so.  There are also some reviews up at Amazon from some very generous and hard-working folk who seem to think it is (thanks to those who've taken the time - it means a huge amount).

Good luck.


  1. A silly old sausage called Smudge
    Got stuck in a terrible sludge
    As he sank in the heath
    And slid slowly beneath
    He cried: "Fuck it, I can't seem to budge!"


  2. There once was a boy named Pluck
    who talked 'til his jaw got stuck
    he could speak not a word
    so he flipped 'em the bird
    Now his finger's broke, what terrible luck.

  3. There was a young buck called Dave
    Who took his girlfriend to a rave
    Whilst he was there
    He met a girl with a fantastic pair
    So he buried his girlfriend in a grave

    (That is so wrong - it's not rue, BTW!)

  4. There once was a chap named Taylor
    and he was the worst kind of sailor
    the drink was his vice
    his friends were the price
    and oh his red hair, who could bear it?!