Wednesday 27 June 2012


First of all, thanks to all who downoaded With Love And Squalor over the weekend.  It's the first time I've really had any success with a promotion and hit 3600 giveaways in the end.  3400 of those were in the US, so a special thanks to those across the water.

Next, big congratulations to Chris La Tray who has won the Watery Grave Invitational competition for the second successive year.  You'll be able to read his winning story over at The Drowning Machine some time soon.  Thanks to all involved in setting that up, putting up the prize money and judging - it's appreciated.

Apologies, slipped in here, to anyone who uploaded In Loco Parentis and found there were a number of mistakes.  The print and kindle copies have now been corrected and if you need me to make amends, let me know and I'll send over a PDF.  I'd also like to thank Nicola Rain Jordan for her help in spotting the errors and also in helping me to correct them.  I found that I'd uploaded the wrong file and also that the right file still needed further work.  It was a long week, I can tell you.

To the main focus for me today.

Next week (all being well) the follow up to Pulp Ink will be released.  It's going to be published by Snubnose Press and there'll be a paperback copy available also.  Thanks to Everyone involved in getting that up, but for now I'd like to single out Eric Beetner and R Thomas Brown for the their work on the cover and getting the Createspace file together. 

We're creative types at heart, so we thought we'd go for a left field title to the follow up and call it Pulp Ink 2.

To celebrate and to get the publicity campaign off to as good a start as we can manage (Pulp Ink 2 is a charity fundraiser and we want it to do incredibly well) we're giving away copies of Pulp Ink this week.  To get yours you can go to Amazon in the US or the UK via the links and download. 

It you already have a copy you can tell your friends, Tweet, Facebook, send telepathic messages, click the Like button when you get there (not sure why that works, but you could try) or even leave a short review about it. 

If you haven't read it, I'm going to say that you really should.  It's a brilliant collection and it's a great appetiser for what's about to come.

Thanks all.


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