Sunday 10 June 2012

Createspace And I

You'll probably know that I've embraced e-books with open arms, both as a reader and for publishing my work.

In spite of that, I retain that love of the physical book.  The whole physical experience. 

A few weeks ago, Chris Rhatigan suggested that we make a tree-book version of Pulp Ink 2 to compliment the Snubnose Press e-book release.  It was an easy decision.  Thanks to the support of Eric Beetner and R Thomas Brown who've done what was needed, that should be happening fairly soon.  Can't wait.

When it came to my debut novel, In Loco Parentis, I felt I'd like to mark it in a way that would make it special.  Attempting to make a tree-book seemed perfect.

I can think of 3 major reasons for making a physical book.

Firstly, I'm building a small collection of work for my children to have when they leave home.  I'd love them to be able to remember me in a way that reflects who I feel I am, as well as having a barrel-full of moments to keep with them when I've gone.  For that reason, I have 3 copies of everything I've done in print - Kuboa's Dirty Old Town, Mammoth's Best British Crime 8 and 9, The Reader, Crimespree Magazine and Needle Magazine

Second, I've always loved the idea that I will one day walk into a charity shop and find a copy of one of my books on the shelves.  Making a book would at least create the possibility.

And third, the people who keep saying they'd buy if they had a Kindle will now have a new avenue to ignore.

My encounter with Createspace was rather simple. 

As ever, once I had the idea I went at it like surfer catching a wave.  All gusto, no thought.

Thankfully, the package was easy to manage and had built in brakes.

"Sorry, this didn't fit on the page.  You need to do something about it."  That kind of message.

Eventually, realising that certain aspects of the warnings could be ignored, I pressed the send button and it was off.

I spent the whole of last week waiting for my copy.  I dashed from work to disappointment a couple of times.

Yesterday it finally arrived, what was at that point the only paperback copy of In Loco Parentis in existence. 

And you know what?  It's beautiful.  Just as I'd hoped. It is exactly as I'd hoped.  Cartwheel City (on the inside only due to my bad back).

Now it's available, I'd love for some of you to share the experience.  If you're up for it, the links are:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


It's £7.99 or $9.99.  As a 318 page book, that doesn't allow for much financial gain on my part, but that was my decision.  I'd rather keep it cheap than put it out of reach.

As for Createspace, I'd recommend them.  No reservation.  They've done what they said they'd do, made my experience fairly straightforward  and produced the novel perfectly to my taste.  Thanks for that.

So, In Loco Parentis.  Go forth and multiply.

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