Saturday 24 March 2012

A Time For Romance

Old poems are like old photographs.  They fade, too.

Inside Her

There’s sea inside her

As she’s inside the sea.

And indeed that’s how she came

In wave after wave after wave after wave.

I dissolved like sugar in tea.

There’s fire inside her

And she’s inside the flames.

They flicker just behind her eyes

She rises and lights up the sky,

And all my inner beasts are tamed.

The wind’s inside her

And in the breeze she lingers.

Around the hills as different weathers

Light as air and wild as heather

Her hair a mosaic of salt and my fingers.

There’s earth inside her

And she’s inside the land.

Lava pulses through her veins

Rocks and pebbles her domain,

The world spins softly in her hands.

And I’m inside her

And she’s inside of me.

It grows and grows and grows this thing

Just how long is a piece of string?

And how close this to symmetry?

Busted Flat is free just now.  Mostly it's of the faded variety.


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