Friday 23 March 2012

Dancing With Myself: BEN SOBIECK interviews BEN SOBIECK

Well, you know the free thing?  I'm doing it again with about as much understanding as I had before (ie little).

This time it's mainly kid's stuff - poetry and illustrated stories.  You may not want to look, but if you have children under the age of 7, one of them might appeal (The Day My Coat Stuck On My Head might stretch to older children in places).  There's a more grown up collection of poetry around, too.  You'll find them here (US UK), here (US UK), here (US UK), here (US UK) and here (US UK).  And I am Murder Wink as well as Lotta Floss, but if you want to send hate-mail, please look them up in the yellow pages.

Today, we're running with super cool and nicely warm in the form of Ben Sobieck.  Welcome Ben.

* Who are you and what do you want?

Well, self, we've been trying to answer that question for some time, haven't we?

* So what's this I hear about you writing dark- and light-hearted crime fiction? Are you confused?

Yes, totally confused. I write dark, serious fiction ("Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders" novel) and crime fiction humor ("5 Funny Detective Stories - A Maynard Soloman Collection"). I like switching back and forth. Keeps things fresh.

* Now wait a minute. Didn't you just release "4 Funny Detective
Stories - Starring Maynard Soloman?" You trying to scam someone?

I'm a confused scammer, what can I say. Each time a new short story in the Maynard Soloman series comes out, a new collection featuring every short is on its heels.

I do this to double the exposure of the new release (most recently "Maynard Soloman Legalizes Gay Knot Tying") and to offer readers a better bang for their buck. Compared to buying five shorts for a buck each, they get extra value with a collection priced at less than a Lincoln.

Since these collections are in the Amazon Select program, it also means more chances to read "Funny Detective Stories" for free. Everyone wins.

* What other scams are you pulling?

I recently bundled my crime novel, Maynard Soloman short stories, my serious short stories and a couple true crime stories (including one true crime ghost story) into a single collection. It's called, "Pick Your Poison: 1 Nefarious Novel & 12 Stirring Short Stories."

That brings my total e-book count to 10. Eleven if you count the one that is only available at my website, .

* Do you think you're better than everyone else just because you have an extra kidney?

No, the person who gets to be holier-than-thou only has one. I'm just a humble recipient.

I use my platform as an author to shamelessly promote organ donation. I got a kidney two years ago from a living donor who is happy and healthy to this day. I'm writing crime fiction today only because that person selflessly donated an organ. I hope my testament can persuade people on the fence about whether to donate now or after they've no use for them.

* So now you're scamming people out of money AND kidneys. How many times has your griftin' arse been to jail?

Actually, quite a few. I was a newspaper crime reporter before landing at my current job with a large non-fiction publisher. I spent a good deal of time in the bowels of justice.

* Speaking of bowels, what do you want to eat after we're done here?

The weirder, the spicier or the Polish-ier, the better.

* You ever been to Poland?

Yes, and I enjoyed every pierogie-gobbling, Żubrówka-guzzling minute of it.

* Where else you been?

I like being outside. Inside with a keyboard or e-reader are the next best things.

* You also like being on your own with this whole self-publishing thing?

Very much so. There are great publishers out there (heck, I work full-time for one), but this is the best fit for my fiction. I know what I want, how to create it and where it needs to go. I've been with two small publishers, but I didn't find the same satisfaction that comes with going solo.

That isn't to say I've ruled out contracting with a fiction publisher again. I'm always open to working with other talented people.

* Can I have 10 bucks for booze?

No, we don't drink anymore on account of that kidney thing. Remember? Our sins now are ice cream and hot sauce.

* But you said Żubrówka and I just bought apples.

I wish.

* Where do we live again? 


  1. Na zdrowie! Good interview, I have enjoyed getting to know more about Ben and his kidney. And I'll have his share of the Żubrówka since he can't drink it.

  2. Thanks! It's my belief a healthy dose of Żubrówka will cure anything that ails ya.

    Double thanks to Nigel for having me, this was fun.

  3. I was drinking a chocolate flavoured vodka this week! Deadly!

  4. Ha! Nice one, Ben. A fun read from a fine writer. Well done!