Tuesday 11 August 2015


“Banks was built like a VW Bug set on its rear end.”

A feast of stories here. Crime may be the thing they have in common, but those crimes are presented in diverse forms. There’s some revenge, reactions to infidelity, a little double and some triple-crossing along the way. The inhabitants include deranged characters, alcoholics, drug-crazed delusionists and a few cold-blooded reptiles who never miss a trick. The combinations allow for a subtle social commentary and an acknowledgement that much of what occurs is a directly or indirectly related to disadvantage.

Occasionally there are slivers of hope, but they tend to be hidden within the cluttered minds of those who live within these pages.

There’s plenty to enjoy for the fan of the short story and, if you dig lines like this:

“The Mexican said: ‘What you want?’ He spit on the sidewalk in front of him like a border he dared us to cross.”

then you should definitely give Crooked Roads (US) a try. It's currently FREE to boot!

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