Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded (Both Barrels Book 3)

25 stories of crime fiction from authors from around the world, both new and established, conjuring up some of the darkest stories involving murder, corruption, and despair. Out now from One Eye Press, courtesy of Shotgun Honey. 

This beauty also happens to feature a story of mine, Yellow Car Punch. Thanks for having me one-eyed wonders.


“A Boy Like Billy” by Patricia Abbott 
“Border Crossing” by Michael McGlade 
“Looking for the Death Trick” by Bracken MacLeod 
“Maybelle’s Last Stand” by Travis Richardson 
“Predators” by Marie S. Crosswell 
“Twenty to Life” by Frank Byrns 
“So Much Love” by Keith Rawson 
“Running Late” by Tess Makovesky 
“Last Supper” by Katanie Duarte 
“Danny” by Michael Bracken 
“The Plot” by Jedidiah Ayres 
“What Alva Wants” by Timothy Friend 
“Time Enough to Kill” by Kent Gowran 
“Copas” by Hector Acosta 
“Yellow Car Punch” by Nigel Bird 
“Love at First Fight” by Angel Luis Col√≥n 
“Traps” by Owen Laukkanen 
“Down the Rickety Stairs” by Alan Orloff 
“Blackmailer’s Pep Talk” by Chris Rhatigan 
“With a Little bit of Luck” by Bill Baber 
“As Cute as a Speckled Pup Under a Red Wagon” by Tony Conaway 
“Chipping off the Old Block” by Nick Kolakowski 
“Young Turks and Old Wives” by Shane Simmons 
“The Hangover Cure” by Seth Lynch 
“Highway Six” by John L. Thompson 

It's a bargain for Kindle at £1.99 in the UK or $3.02 in the US. Also available internationally via this link.

Also available in paperback.

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