Sunday, 3 November 2013

Volume 1, Volume 2, Contrast and Brilliance

Having work published in an anthology is always a big thrill. I love to be part of collections because of their collective nature. It's like rubbing shoulders with giants and those who are still growing and being reminded that you're not alone out there in the world. Not the only one creating stories in my head and writing them down for people to share.
I've been very lucky this week to appear in two excellent collections.
The first, the rather well-named Off the KUF (US), is a collection of short fiction.
KUF stands for Kindle Users Forum, a UK based group of readers, publishers, authors and the curious. They've allowed me to hang around with them and coped with my foibles without any of the sharpness that can sometimes occur on the internet.  They've stuck with me when I've over promoted and allowed me to develop (sadly, other places have had less patience for the unbalanced). Best of all, they've helped me out on occasion - helping with editing, spotting mistakes, making suggestions, writing reviews and giving me the encouragement which I (and maybe all of us) really need from time-to-time.
It's only just out and I've only just bought my copy, so it's a little early for me to comment. I can tell you that the list of names is rather exciting and that the talent on offer is pretty impressive. Given it's cheap price, I suggest you take a punt and believe you'll come away being glad you took me up on that advice.
Here's a nice opportunity for me to say thanks to the forum and to those who have worked hard to get this together.
And there's another bit of good anthology news for me.

The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly (US) is also here. This is Volume Two and I'm delighted to say that I have a poem in it.
Crime writing and poetry are two things I'm really keen on so this fuses things beautifully. There's a lot of variation and plenty in there for you whether you're a poetry fan or just someone who likes to see creativity with language and imagery used in unusual and thought-provoking ways.
I'm hoping that people will support this so that the editor and publisher can get something back for their work. Having put out poetry in a number of ways over the years, I know how difficult a thing it is to sell. 

If you're not sure, but are curious, why not pop over and click the sample button. That way you can see whether it's to your taste or not. If you're a reader of a writer, I think poetry can only hone your skills and so I'm hoping you'll go along.
I'm particularly grateful to Gerald So and to David Wailing for their time and talent on these projects. Seeing that written, these guys sure do have interesting names.
Anyway, I'm glad to be there and hope you might spread the word if you become a fan of the books.
With thanks.

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