Tuesday 16 July 2013

One Man's Opinion: THE FIX by KEITH NIXON

The recent world economic slump may not have happened in quite the manner that most people imagine, not if The Fix is on the button at any rate.

Opening in a dead man’s room, Josh finds himself at a low point – job, girlfriend and prospects all gone to pot, not to mention the dead body thing.

In order to find out how things got to be quite so bad, we follow Josh’s story from an earlier point when he meets an unusual city type and also falls in lust with a beautiful, blond nymphomaniac for whom he develops an unhealthy obsession (think white T-bird and American Graffiti).  

The unfolding (or unravelling), takes place from a number of points of view, each character being either unpleasant and/or vapid.  These players bump into each other and spin around with little control in ways that are amusing and entertaining. 

The Fix is a crime comedy caper dressed up in farce, served up with a side order of pantomime and with a bread basket full of laughs.  Imagine a dark Spitting Image moved a on a couple of decades where nobody is quite what they seem and the ghost of Tom Sharpe has joined the script-writing team – if any of that appeals, this is certainly the novel for you. 

Well worth picking up.

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