Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Smoke: The Resurrection

Life's funny.  It is.

On the day my mum's been taken in to hospital, there's the resurrection of my novella Smoke.  The release couldn't be better timed to give me something to occupy my time and my mind.

I'm going to stick to the book and let the family noise move to the background for a while.

It's been a while since the ill-fated experience with Trestle Press, but it's been a wait that's been worth it.

When Blasted Heath took on the book, I was absolutely thrilled.  It was like I'd found a home.

What I didn't realise (and should have) was that it was only the beginning.

Allan Guthrie really put me through my paces with his suggestions from an editorial point of view and I learned a huge amount about some of my habits in the process of re-working. 
As a consequence, the book's much sharper and better-written that it was originally and I know from the generous feedback that it was already pretty good back then.

What you'll get is the same story, just with tighter prose.

The other part of the package is the cover.  I believe it took some working on to get it to the final version, but I think it's a real peach (thanks JT Lindroos).

The other good news is that you can buy it just now at the reduced introductory price of 99p or 99c via Amazon. 

Now I'm off to hold on to my insides and to think about that Blasted Heath tattoo.

If I disappear for a while, I'll soon be back.

Till soon. 


  1. Thrilled to see this finally. I'll be grabbing the new version soon.

  2. Congratulations, Nigel. Good to see something good happening for one of the good guys. I hope all the best for your mum.

  3. Thanks Naomi and Ron. It's always appreciated. My mum's not out of the woods, but a week in hospital should mean she doesn't die - it looked worse than that yesterday, I believe. So it's a good day after all.

  4. Nigel, I'm so glad this whole episode with the book has had such a happy ending. Blasted Heath seems to be a terrific press to be associated with.

    And my best wishes to your mother. I hope the worst is over.