Friday, 28 September 2012

Dancing's Nimble for Kindle - Richard Godwin

Deliciously Dark, Superbly Seductive

For the first time in E Book since its bestselling publication over a year ago in paperback,

Apostle Rising is available in all formats, for all E readers
with some juicy extras, an excerpt from Mr. Glamour and four deliciously dark Noir stories, like the finest handmade chocolate. Here in the US for $3.24  Here in the UK for £2.05
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  1. Scarey and intelligent. One of the best first novels I've read. Part horror, part police proceedural and for the most part a fascinating study of the psychopathic personality the havoc it wreaks on the lives and souls of those it encounters. Brillian stuff.

  2. Nice, I didn't know it had perks for Kindle buyers. As Les said, it's just a terrific novel indeed. The first real fresh serial killer story since Thomas Harris.