Saturday 7 May 2011

X Marks The Spot

I try to keep up with things that are happening around and about, but there's so much out there it's easy to miss.

One thing I sadly missed out on was the wonderful gesture by Daniel B O'Shea to donate $5 for every entry of Flash Fiction he received that included rain somewhere within it to the American Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund.  Should you go over, you'll see a long cast of players and lots of reading to be done.

Dan offered me the chance of taking part and screwing out another $5 from him, but my head's mince and the idea's just not come.

I'd like to support him, so I've made a donation of the minimum $10 amount that he would have put in had I managed to awaken a creative cell within my body.

I'll also send any profits from the sale of Dirty Old Town during May over to the Red Cross as well.

It may seem far away, but my brother lives in South Carolina so it's not quite as distant from me as it first appears.

The world needs good people to stand up and be counted every once in a while - people like Mr O'Shea deserve to be counted twice.  Good luck and hats off.  Same goes to everyone who put their fingers to their keyboards.



  1. All of the stories have been wonderful to read, and your giving of contributions speaks volumes about you, Nigel. xxoo

  2. Thanks guys. I really wish I'd seen the idea earlier, then I'd have had no excuse for not contributing a piece. I'm very impressed by Dan and by those who supported the cause.

  3. Impressive blog, Nigel. Found it through the Amazon thread and am happy to follow it. Best wishes,

  4. Hope it works for you, Jason, and thanks.

  5. Yeah, I missed it too. But I'm going to send a donation also.