Wednesday 25 August 2010

Interviews With A Twist Of Noir

I'm just kick-starting a little series that I hope will interest many of you.

The concept is easy enough. I'm asking people who inhabit the world of stories and publishing to set themselves the ten questions they wished they were asked when interviewed.

They'll answer the questions themselves and I'm hoping we'll get a new insight into the way they operate and what they're about.

I'm hoping that by relieving them of the shackles of unexpected or predictable questioning, they'll be able to go to town and publicise work that's out there or is in the pipeline or the brand of toothpaste they use, who knows?

I got the idea from something Allan Guthrie did when he launched 'Two Way Split' in the UK. He asked himself some fab stuff and the answers were fantastic.

Here's hoping we can do the same here.


  1. Smart idea, Nigel. I'll be looking forward to reading those.

  2. When I first saw this, I thought, "What's Nigel want me to answer?"

    Then I read more and see that it's a bunch of people that write noir that you want to answer questions and I think, "Thank Buddha, I'm off the hook."

    I also look forward to reading these interviews.

  3. not off the hook unless you want to be chris. it's open to anyone who might have anything interesting to say about writing/publishing/blogging etc. a lot of great people have stepped up and i'm excited to find out what kind of questions they'd ask themselves. the hope is that we'll find out just a little more than we already know. it's like exposing yourself within the safety of your own mind then making it all public in a moment of madness.

  4. and christopher, you've got bags to offer, too. the invitations there if you want it.

  5. Love to take part. Will get you something in the next couple of days. Maybe it will get me energised to get off me arse and get my recently written memoirs, 'Psalms for a Southern Slut' off to some publishers.

  6. Bette, it's great to hear from you. I was hoping, you know? Yep, get energised. By the way, the title's fantastic. If you wanted to maybe include a taster as well, I could put it up as a link or with the interview. Looking forward.