Saturday 7 August 2010

Creative Writing

To toth fariy. I am very sad that you didant giv me a pound coin last nigte so plees will you giv me £1 in retern. love Nancy xxxx

Dear Nancy.

Very sorry to disappoint you yesterday. You see, I’m just learning how to be a tooth fairy and I just keep getting it wrong.

They are making a film about me, so go and watch it if you can.

Anyway, I looked everywhere for your tooth and couldn’t find it. My boss told me she knew you’d lost it or she wouldn’t have sent me there in the first place, so I should have left the money anyway.

She sent me back tonight and here I am.

She also said that I need to leave double the rate. You’ll get £2 instead of £1 this time because we’re so sorry.

If you see me tonight, please don’t tell anyone or I’ll just get into trouble.
Yours sincerely,

The Tooth Fairy

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