Saturday, 1 May 2010

Writing Competitions

There are a couple of excellent competitions out there that are coming to a close in 2 weeks.

Take a look at the crime comp at:

The prizes are online links and money ($100). You get to see the entries already posted at:

Only 12 entries so far (high quality, mind) - you do the maths. Free to enter.

Also free to enter, a comptetion with an outstanding prize.

Alibi are offering E-Book readers and a weeked at the Crimewriting book festival.

Free to enter.
The next one is small in terms of prize-money, but large in terms of status.

It's an invitational contest, which means you don't even get into the ring unless you can demonstrate something in your work that will move the judges. I like the idea.

Those in favour (ie those with good work, not those who are good mates) are entered into the hat and ten lucky folk get the chance to write a story on a yet-to-be specified theme.

Great idea.
I'll be happy just to get past the hat's brim.
Again, it's free to enter. What have you got to lose?

And if you like the idea of Bela Legosi's Dead, here's some Bauhaus:


  1. I'll have a gander at the alibi one.

  2. promises to be a great weekend - worth a flight if your number came in. course I'm hoping it'll be mine - if you don't have good dreams what have you got?
    (so that's why I have nightmares)