Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I never make lists. They don't suit me.

To do lists are the worst. I make 'em and I lose 'em - like new loves, I guess.

When you set up a blog, you have to write something. Here I am scraping my barrel.

Mostly I'm still reeling from the Pollock collection. I think I'm experiencing withdrawal attacks.

Here's a list then. It's of the author events I've attended over the years. It's a top ten.

Some are there because of their writing, some hit the spot at the right time, some were really entertaining and some I loved because of a voice or an accent. There were hundreds to choose from. Here are the ones I went for (anyone with me at any other events that I've omitted, please send me a reminder).

1. Paul Auster. Hell he was handsome and darkly brooding. Not to mention he'd written my favourite book at the time (New York Trilogy). He also has one of the greatest voices I've heard.

2. Allan Guthrie. Hell he was handsome...well he was amazing. I'm merging a couple of his events together, the 'Two Way Split' launch where he answered his own questions and 'Hard Man' set to jazz.

3. Richard Ford. Like the Mississippi, he meanders. Another unforgettable tone and accent and strangely gentlemanly.

4. Richard Price. Shy. Deep. An honour.

5. Maragaret Atwood. What a mind she has. It's like her memory is photographic and is also able to find humour in anything.

6. Ed Bunker/Patrick McCabe Great storytellers. A magical day where Nick Cave played piano and I went backstage because I could. Even met Kylie (her eyes were really popping). Ed told funny tales about prison life, Pat 'The Butcher Boy' - enough said.

7. Dave Eggers. I think he really does have a superhero shop. Mind you, I'd have believed anything he said.

8. Kate Atkinson. Her books are brilliant and she has a pleasing modesty.

9. Louis De Bernieres/Michael Morpurgo. Maybe because they were teachers. Gives me hope. Morpurgo had the children in the palm of his hand (most of the adults, too) and De Bernieres had a brilliant short story of police corruption and gangsters in Rio.

10. Haif Kureishi. Weaver of magic.

So there you are.

It feels entirely wrong already.

Next - top 10 poetry events.

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