Sunday 2 April 2017

SMOKE: The Resurrection

Due to the sad demise of the wonderful publisher Blasted Heath (more to follow when the emotional turbulence has settled down) my novella Smoke ('Grim, but really good.' Ian Rankin) was killed off. 

As with most obstacles, this one wasn't insurmountable. With Smoke, the simplest solution I could think of was to self-publish and here it is. 

Fitting, then, so close to Easter that the novella has been resurrected. It's also free for today (Smoky Sunday) should you not yet have a copy. 

A warning that it is dark and brutal and upsetting.  

As for my other Blasted Heath titles (namely the four books of the Southsiders series), I think I need some time to work out whether there's another path. I have taken an early step to see if I can find them a home, but as the first two have already been published I'm not feeling overly hopeful on that score. If you're able to see the wood for the trees and can shine a light in the right direction, I'd love to hear your thoughts privately or in the comments.  

Till then, enjoy Smoke (US) and check back in for my Blasted Heath obituary. 

Thanks, as always, for your support. 

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