Thursday 2 January 2014

Sherlock Holmes - a little tip

I love Sherlock Holmes in many of his forms.

Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed his return in the latest interpretation, Sherlock. It's impressive stuff.

I do hope that people will decide to read the books on the back of the success of the series, but I also understand that not everyone loves reading or has time for it. Here's a possible solution.

I recently took out an audio-book from the library, a collection of Sherlock's stories. They're brilliant in themselves, but the voice of an audio-book is hugely important. In this case, the books were read by Derek Jacobi.

Derek Jacobi's voice is perfect for the work. He gives his characters accents that fit to a tee, adds colour, flavour, atmosphere and humour in a way that many actors wouldn't be able to pull off. It's superb stuff.

The edition I listened to doesn't seem to be available, but check out e-bay and do the Sherlock / Jacobi search and you'll find them aplenty on CD.

If you love Cumberbatch and Freeman, I think you'll love Jacobi. Seriously.

End of tip.

ps Does anyone know anyone called Sherlock? Or Shylock for that matter?

1 comment:

  1. Love Sherlock, especially the old Rathbone movies. Got the DVD boxset. Not watched many of the Cumberbatch/Freeman but did see last night's and really enjoyed it.

    Good point on reading/audio books too, Nigel. Great little post, buddy.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.