Tuesday 13 September 2011


Busy times and busy lives. 

I'm here to put a few things into a nutshell, put them out there for you to taste to see if you like them.  Hopefully there are a few squirrels tuning in.

OK.  First off is a the SUPER DISCOUNT of the title.  What it means is this.  If you spend your 86p (in the UK) or your $1.40 ish (in the US) on Beat On The Brat (And Other Stories), you'll be able to pick up the already legendary collection PULP INK for the meagre price of only 99c at Smashwords.

The way it works is this.  On the penultimate page of Beat On The Brat is a voucher code.  Make a note of it, mosey on over to Smashwords and get yourself a Pulp Ink bargain.

If you're not convinced about how much of a great deal that is, you'll find both books selected as Best Short Story E-book Collections over at Crime Fiction Lover (with a few other peaches besides).

There have been some other great things worthy of mention recently and I'd like to give voice to a few.

John Kenyon is setting up a new magazine called Grift.  Follow the link to find out what that's all about - it looks very exciting.

Darren Sant is following up his excellent Longcroft Estate story with another - Community Spirit, which has to be worth a few bob of anyone's money.  He's also involved with the recent poetry feasts at Close To The Bone.  It's become a regular Tuesday feature.

Talking of poetry, the readers (the select few) of The Day My Coat Stuck On My Head have given some wonderful feedback, including children (for whom the work's intended).  I'm delighted by that.

I love a piece I read today over at Sabrina Ogden's place by Josh Stallings.  The more I get to know the man, the more I love him.  Well worth a read.

The Kindle store at Byker Books is full of 99p treats and Allan Guthrie has released Slammer as an e-book for the same 99p price in the UK (and that's not to be missed).

And Jen Forbus says lovely things about community - bang on.

Till soon.

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