Friday 2 September 2011

now go play trumps

Every stormy sea has a raft out there somewhere.  Sometimes it's neatly-tied logs, other times it's an old oil drum.  The secret's trying to find it before your arms give way.  It also helps when someone out there pushes it towards you.

Lots of you have been throwing me ropes and I've caught hold of every one of them.  You've allowed me to hang on to see this, the new release from the lovely Pablo D'Stair.

He's soon to release Dirty Old Town as a tree-book at Kuboa publishing.  Along with that, he's giving away copies as free e-books in the process.  To find out more pop over to Kuboa

It makes me realise just how important writing and the writing community here is to me.  After kids, family and friends it's the top of the list.  I'm in the category of being hungry for readers, each single Amazon sale exciting the hell out of me.  So, you go over and read a couple of stories from this free gift, you'll be making a middle-aged man very happy.

Other good news! 

Pulp Ink is going to be available for the bargain price of 99c for the Labor Day weekend.  If it isn't when you get there, just wait a while and try again.  The stories in there just need to be read; what more can I tell you.

And here's a PULP TRUMP for you.  Matt Lavin.

Pulp Ink Codename: razor
Scrabble Value – 14
Scissors, Paper, Stone – paper
Footwear Danger –  Nike (4 points)
Favourite Weapon –  little pinches to the skin
Specialism – he has ways of making you talk
Lonely Hearts – for Labor Day Weekend only, he’s selling himself for the bargain price of 99c/86p
now go play trumps


  1. Big-time congrats. Quick question. I have a nook, any plans for B&N distribution, or if I download from Amazon, can I upload to my nook?

  2. Sean, PULP INK's available at Smashwords, and it should be cheap there also. If it isn't, let me know and we'll sort something out.