Thursday 11 August 2011


"Tongue-piercings. Foot-fetishists. Murderous cinephiles. This gritty, grimy, giddy collection is as pulpy as they come, transcending the Tarantino reference material and stepping into its own. All because of a stable of home-run crime writers who know just what the hell they're doing."

Chuck Wendig, author of DOUBLE DEAD and BLACKBIRDS, and dispenser of dubious writing wisdom at  


Reed Farrel Coleman

Jodi MacArthur

AJ Hayes

Sandra Seamans

Eric Beetner

Allan Guthrie

Matthew C Funk

Nigel Bird

Paul D Brazill

Chris F Holm

David Cranmer

Patti Abbott

Michael J Solender

Naomi Johnson

Ian Ayris

Gary Phillips

Chris Rhatigan

Richard Godwin

Jim Harrington

Kate Horsley

Hilary Davidson

Jason Duke

Jimmy Callaway


Matt Lavin.

Can you really wait another week?


  1. Chris and Nigel worked their asses off on this . . . and it shows.

  2. Congrats to all. Can't wait to read it.

  3. I keep looking at that list, and thinking, blimey. You know . . .

    Great work Chris and Nigel. Looks like you really pulled it off, eh ;)

  4. Now that's a hell of a line up.

  5. Fantastic. Looking forward to it!

  6. "Home-run crime writers" is right! WOW!! Look at all those names!! I see many, many sleepless nights for this girl!!

    Congrats, Chris and Nigel! You have rounded up some extraordinary talent here.... I can't wait to start devouring it... the stories, I mean... not the talent... hehe! (blushing...)

    Catchy title, too... *wink*

  7. Awesome cover, btw... whose the artisté?

  8. devour away. the cover was our own design in the end, a kind of last minute thing. i'm delighted you like it Veronica.
    it's great to see so many positive comments - thanks for your support. it deserves a lot of pushing this one as the quality is immense.

  9. How did I end up in that lineup? Chuffed, I tell you. Chuffed! (trying to sound appropriately British)

  10. And Rhatigan, if you take one more picture of me in the shower and put it on the cover of a book I'm going to rip your lungs out.

  11. OMG!! I just downloaded Pulp Ink, and saw this -

    "Special Thanks To Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw"

    Nigel and Chris... I am deeply touched! You guys are amazing!!

    I could hug you both! Thank you so much... you just made my week!!