Friday, 4 March 2011


Having just taken a battering from the Amazon Forum Stasi, I'm bruised and bleeding on the inside.

I suppose the good thing is that they're only virtual bleeds, so I don't need a real bandage. They still hurt like hell though.

Here's a little good news to help, a little plaster for the soul. Dark Valentine's new release over at:

Nice,too, to have a lovely guy to post today. Sean, you're so very welcome over here at Sea Minor. Take it away.

We know you like to write or you wouldn't be here. Tell us little something about yourself.
I've lived in Massachusetts for all my forty-five years, have a wife, two kids, and work for a major investment company in the contact center technology field.

Pretend you're rich. What would you do with the money?

From a writing perspective, I'd take care of my local library and fund a very lucrative, international short story competition for kids grades six thru twelve. If we're talking about millions, I would pay for all the cool crime, thriller, and horror writers I've met in the blogsphere to come to Boston for a weekend of…

Who are all the cool writers you've met?

Way too many to name individually, so if I've visited your blog and came back for more, you know who you are.

Come on man throw me a bone, something juicy we can use, not related to writing.

I'm an alcoholic, who was lucky enough to realize it at a young age, before I pissed my whole life down the drain, or more than likely ended up in a coffin or behind bars. This was in the times before it was fashionable. You met in a church cellar, drank coffee, smoked cigarettes, and shared your misery with a bunch of the best people I have ever met, who helped save my life.

Now we're talking. What scares you?

My parents passing away or anything bad happening to anyone I love or care about. I'm a Catholic, so I'll spend what's left of my life fearing that James Joyce's version of Hell in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" is true.

Least favorite word?


What's the last movie you watched?

Boondog Saints and it's fabulous. Found a special edition two DVD set at Walmart for $13.00.

Favorite Writer?

F.Scott Fitzgerald, with Oscar Wilde a close second.

What's with all the Irish love?

My heritage is from Ireland with some Scotland in there as well. I grew up in the generation where, at least in the Boston area, you were proud to be Irish and celebrated that fact inside and outside the home. Massachusetts, when I was a kid was still a very ethnic centric place and you were almost judged and defined by what your last name was. Most Irish Americans still have a sense of pride and camaraderie and I hope it never ends.

What's your typical day like?

Up at 4:00 in the morning, hit the gym at 5:00, work from 8:00 to 5:00 in the evening, do the family thing until around 9:00, and try to write for a couple hours after that. On the weekends, I try to sleep until 6:00. I don’t really need a whole lot of sleep to get by, but I do have days where I completely crash and burn.

What other interests do you have?

The sport of lacrosse is my passion. I am president of my town's youth program, coach a team, and still play in men's league. I've been snowboarding for about fifteen years and into physical fitness my whole life. I play a little bit of guitar and music is very important to me. I dig cricket and played on club team for a couple years. I'll do anything to avoid playing golf or softball.

Finally, you have a novel out there, a crime thriller called "Mindjacker". Why should anyone bother to read it?

I'd like to think that it is at least a fast moving, entertaining story. Some have been kind enough to tell me that it was after they read it. If for no other reason, I think it would be interesting to see how I pulled off making one of the characters go through the abortion process as an adult.

Thanks for having me Nigel. I truly appreciate it.


Wasn't that great? I'm full of admiration for the man. Go check him out:



  1. Ah, Sean, me boyo, I knew there was a reason to like you. My old man was Boston Irish straight out of Southey via Leominister, Mass. Erin Go Bragh,Up the Rebels and all that stuff! One thing about the man is: He is everywhere! I don't believe I've put out a story over the last year or so that SPR wasn't there with an encouraging word and a back pat. He's just that way and a helluva writer also. It's nice to get to know a bit more about the man. I downloaded Mindjacker and read the first few pages. I'm hooked and you will be too. Thanks for getting Sean on the airwaves, Nigel. Another terrific schizophrenic Q&A.

  2. Yep, Sean is one of the nice guys. And a cracking writer to boot. (Not that I'd boot anyone who has a Lacrosse bat!)

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot. Question: "What if it was just one guy with six guns?" BDS rocks!

  4. Great to hear Sean talking to himself. Nice insight from a nice man and a cracking writer.

  5. title. Okay, there.

    I've gone ten rounds m'self with the amazon Stasi, no decision. That was a long time ago, and since I no longer purchase anything from amazon, I can't be tempted to return to the Dark Side.

  6. Nigel, Thanks for having me man!

    AJ, Paul, Alan, and Naomi- Thanks for taking the time to read it, and you have all entertained and inspired me with your great writing. Glad to know of such an excellent group of talented writers.

    AJ...Tiocfaidh ár lá (couldn't help myself)Southie ain't what it used to be, and I don't live very far from Leominster.

  7. Hey, Sean, that was grand! I think you know I'm a big fan of your stories. Which reminds me - Mindjacker (hard copy) resides on Mount TBR. (I got bogged down with 'Lestat' - pretty much stopped me readung anything for a while. Damn book!)

    Nigel - I saw some of that nonsense on amazon. Utterly ridiculous! Dirty Old Town is on my list of things to pick up now that I've downloaded the Kindle application for PC. I read the sample and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very much looking forward to the rest!

    All of which leaves just one question. This one's for Sean: how the hell do you get by on so little sleep? Amazing! :)

  8. Yeah, I'm also impressed by how you little you sleep. I need like nine hours.

    Sean stories at ATON are fantastic. Novel is on my to-read list!

  9. It's great to learn more about one of the good guys. A great and honest interview.

    Nice one, Sean!

  10. Julie/Chris- Answer= coffee, Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star. I also take a break once in a while. A couple weeks ago I was down and out and gave myself a week off of just about everything, massive burnout ;)

    Dave- Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it!

  11. Really enjoyed learning more about a cool guy who epitomizes all that is great about our online writing community. That is - friendship, humour and encouragement.

    It's crystal clear that you are a talented writer, Sean, but may I also congratulate you on beating the booze, bud (no pun intended). Could that experience be why you talking to yerself was so damn good? - after a good sess' I often do it me-self, man! And could this also explain why your short, CHARLES IN CHARGE, was so authentic?

    Respect & Regards,

  12. Hey SPR,
    This interview shows your genuine spirit and how you beat those addictive cycles with a good family, healthy activities and of course writing fiction til it bleeds for mercy. Your book is on my list to read and I am soooo looking forward to it, bud.

  13. Col- Thanks Col. It's never beaten, just in hibernation, waiting to pounce. Def some personal experience in that story, for sure.

    Jodi- Mucho thanks for the read / comment, you're the best!