Wednesday 22 December 2010

Dancing With Myself: MELANIE BROWNE interviews MELANIE BROWNE

Welcome Melaine Browne, previously of Leaf Garden Press and now putting together The Literary Burlesque, a site of an unusual flavour with a liking for poems and flash fiction. You should go an check it out.

Speak of the devil:

Did you get a tattoo recently?

Yeah, I did. In January.

How did that go?

It was painful, plus the tattooist wasn’t very talkative. On all those ink reality shows they always talk to you a lot. I thought it was going to be free therapy. I was very disappointed.

Plus, I would really recommend getting a tattoo when you are much younger. The healing was a bitch.

What did you get?

For some reason I took a bottle of Rebel Yell Whiskey into the tattoo shop and said “do this.” I’m a Billy Idol fan but also I love whiskey and I love the south ,Chicken fried steak, guns, classic cars and Moonpies.


I really am a Billy Idol Fan, so I had to lol when the title of this interview series was Dancing with Myself.

What else are you interested in?

The supernatural, like ghosts

Have you seen Celebrity ghost stories?

Yes. Celebrities are awesome but when you combine that with ghost stories, Oh man.

So are you really related to John Fogerty or is that just a rumor?

Nope. Just a rumor, but I love Credence.

Who are you related to?

I heard I’m related to Anne Boleyn. That’s why I sleep with the covers up around my neck.

Is it true she had three boobs? Or was it six fingers?

Not sure.

No worries. Just want to get my facts straight

I have a strange craving for whiskey and moonpies.

Oh, me too. Me too. This was a lot of fun.


  1. It was a lot of fun! So nice to meet you, Melanie. I visited The Literary Burlesque ~ what a cool site. I'm a fan of CCR and Billy Idol, too (did you see him in "The Wedding Singer"? ~ he was great!).
    Congrats on the sorry it wasn't the experience you expected. My only tattoos are from radiation treatment ~ and those dots did burn (I jumped a bit, I wasn't warned before the tattoo gun made contact with my skin). I can't imagine what it would feel like to get a tattoo bigger than those dots :-)
    Best wishes for 2011, Melanie!

  2. Thanks Kathleem, Yes I love that movie, ha! sorry about yr radiation scars. the experience was just more painful than I realized lol. Thanks David!

  3. Funny stuff. I've enjoyed your work at PMM and will have to check out this new venture...

  4. Mel is a brilliantly imaginative writer.
    End of story.
    She always comes at things from the left-of-centre. Must be all that Rebel Yell.

    & the Literary Burlesque is shaping up splendidly.

    It's been a pleasure to publish her at PMM.

    PS: Fav CCR - Fortunate Son

  5. Jason, thank you!!! hahaha, laughing about yr rebel yell comment.
    Fortunate son rocks. I guess Im going to say Suzy Q cuz I love the opening beat so much!

  6. Mel,
    This is hilarious. I love your writing and the world thruogh your eyes.
    Cheers girly!