Saturday, 9 November 2019

It's Going To Be One Hell Of A Christmas

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally arrived. Let It Snow will be released on Monday 11th November (and with a date like that, how could you forget?) and it's available now from all the usual places. 

Linking to the page here will give the links you need for the e-book versions.

For those who prefer a paperback, it can be ordered here in the UK or here in the US

If you're after a little more information before committing your hard-earned cash, then why not pop over to The Big Thrill where I was interviewed by author and founder member of the New York Writers' Workshop Charles Salzberg. 

His thoughts on the novel:

'Bird manages to create more than enough suspense to keep the reader turning pages.'

If you're struggling to justify the expense of buying the book, it would be great if you could ask your local library to order you a copy. 

I do appreciate that I've probably been going on about the new release more than anyone would like. In trying to get word out about publication, the line between reasonable publicity and irritating-scratched-record territory is a very thin one. I'll make sure I calm things down as soon as I can, but I hope you can appreciate the situation. Kicking a book off with a heavy boot can make all the difference to a small publisher and an author and building momentum is really difficult thing to achieve. 

If you've already ordered yourself a copy, many thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the read and feel positive enough about the novel to share a good word for it with friends and in the usual places on the internet. Every contribution helps, no matter what size. A Facebook or a Twitter like is a wonderful thing, a retweet or share means a lot and a review at a retail site or a blog is invaluable 

Thanks, as always, for popping over and if you have any questions about the book just drop me a line in the comments.

Enjoy the weekend all, and if you live in one of the areas flooded by the torrential rain of late, may I wish you a long dry and sunny spell. 

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