Thursday, 20 December 2012

So why's it free?

Mr Suit (US) has had some great reviews.  It's the kind of book that crime fiction lovers will adore.  This being the case, why the hell are you giving it away?

As with all things, it's complex.

First off, I'm a bit of a sheep.  Everyone's doing it and I want to be like everyone else.

And the book's not really selling, so I'm hoping that it will get a broader readership if I make it free.

I also get a buzz out of seeing the numbers tick up by the hour on my KDP account which certainly makes a change.  Maybe I'm addicted to that.

Don't you think that this might upset those who have bought it already?

It may well do and I don't feel good about that.  If anyone reads this and feels agrieved, they can contact me and I'll send them something else of mine by way of some compensation.

Writers giving their books away for nothing?  Doesn't that diminish the value of the book in more ways than one?

That depends on your point of view. 

It won't make me any money unless it hits big with giveaways.  It may add to the feeling that indie-published books are all free in the end, so why bother buying.  In turn, the books may become less expensive and writers may make less money.  That would be a shame, but I like the idea of giveaways, regardless.

And you know that only 10% of the downloads will actually be read, don't you?

That seems like an arbitary figure, but yes, I'm aware of that.  10% of a whole, positive number is still more than 100% of nothing the way maths works and so it has to be worth trying.

Have you thought about paying for advertising for this promotion?

I have and I have.  I mean, I paid $5 to get some space online somewhere.  I think it's worth a go and I can let you know if it seems to make any difference at all.

Are you certain that this is the right way forward?

Not at all.

Are you likely to give the book away again?

That really depends.

I'm giving lots of things away over the Xmas period.   In part that's because I'm a generous guy while, in part, it's entirely self-serving and I hope to make some money on the back of it.

I don't think the giveaway thing has much more juice in the tank.  My feeling is that I'd like to make this the last giveaway for a good while.  Maybe I'll stir the pot again next summer, but I won't be doing it in the same way I have of late.

Do you plan to irritate the pants off people by going on and on and on about the giveaway?

How well you know me.

So will you remove your books from the Kindle Prime gang?

No.  I like them being borrowed from time to time even if it's only a couple of copies a month.  That's a couple more readers (I hope, though 10% of 2 is 0.2 and it's difficult to imagine 0.2 of a reader - I guess it would have to be the fifth with the eyes).

Will you be writing anything else in the near future?

I have an idea of a children's horror story that I'd like to have a stab at.  See if I can build up some suspense and learn a new aspect of the craft.

Are you excited about Christmas?

I'm excited about being with my family and enjoying good company.  That would be cool.

And the book you'd like in your stocking?

I'm really curious about The Round House by Louise Erdrich (US).  It's not available here till spring, so if Santa can pull a few strings...

Anything else?

Yeah.  Did you know that Snubnose Press titles are 99c and 77p through December?  And that Blood On Blood has crossed the top 5000 barrier in America and might go even higher with your help?  You should click the links.

Happy Christmas and good luck with the giveaway.

Happy Christmas.

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