Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Paul D Brazill - The Man From Atlantis

A few months ago, when I was typically dawdling around Facebook, I received a message from Giulia from the spiffing Italian magazine Liberi di Scrivere. I’d known Giulia for a couple of years and had even been interviewed by Liberi di Scrivere.

She mentioned an upcoming ePublisher, ATLANTIS, the dark spawn of Lite Editions, a highly successful publisher of erotic eBooks. With Atlantis, publishers Lorenzo Mazzoni and Marco Belli decided to produce a series of noir novelettes, taking place in various cities around the world.

Giulia asked if was I interested. And, of course, I was!

So, I wrote the novelette RED ESPERANTO/ ROSSO ESPERANTO . It’s the story of an English hack-Luke Case- up to no good in Warsaw, Poland, a city where I lived for around five years.

Well, recently, ATLANTIS asked me if I was interested in writing a follow up to RED ESPERANTO and I jumped at the chance.

DEATH ON A HOT AFTERNOON takes the same hapless hack, Luke Case, to Madrid, Spain. A city where I once spent an intense summer. The tag line: An English hack encounters a man with a violent past, and a mysterious torch singer, during a hot Spanish summer, with fatal results.

And yes, there will be more Luke Case yarns to come.

The Italian translation of DEATH ON A HOT AFTERNOON will be available soon but you can pick up the English version from Amazon, B&N etc

You can also buy it direct from ATLANTIS, if it tickles your fancy.


Bio: Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill has had bits and bobs of short fiction published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books Of Best British Crime 8 and 10,and he has edited the anthologies True Brit Grit & Off The Record 2– with Luca Veste - and Drunk On The Moon 1 and 2. His ebooks Red Esperanto, Death On A Hot Afternoon, 13 Shots Of Noir, Vin Of Venus (with David Cranmer & Garnett Elliot ) and Snapshots are out now, and his novellas The Gumshoe and Guns Of Brixton will be out pretty damned soon. His blog is here.


  1. So, PDB has gills as well as changling fur now? The multi-talented Mr.B strikes again. I'll be heading over to ye olde shoppe now. AhWoo.

  2. A really solid creation from Paul. As well being a great and unselfish guy his talent brings to life worlds you can really immerse yourself in.

  3. Thanks much for this Nigel and AJ and Daz.

  4. They're on my (long)list, Paul. But I'm gonna have to read some of Nigel's books now, too. So many books, so little time!

  5. Looking forward to tearing through this one!

  6. Sounds intriguing! Might have to dip into the Christmas stocking fund for this one...

  7. Reading it now. So far... terrific! And, it will end up that way, I know. Thanks Nigel and Paul.