Wednesday 14 November 2012

Mr Suit

MR SUIT (US) is as ugly or as beautiful as a pug, depending on your feelings on the breed.

He's a hard man and he's top of the pile.  He also likes to appear at his best and has a wonderful taste in clothing.

Since the accidental shooting of one of his men, ARCHIE, he's been paying for restpite care and for hospital bills that continually prick at his conscience - Archie's been a victim of Locked-In Syndrome ever since.

When Archie's wife, LIZA, approaches Mr Suit to ask for an act of kindness that will release Archie from the prison that is his body, it seems like a win-win situation.

As with many things real and imagined, it's a tangled web they end up weaving. 

If you come and negotiate the web you'll find out about bluff and double-bluff, hidden treasure, a modern-day Billy the Kid, the slowest getaway in the history of crime, a little about Kentish Town noir and about how messed up a family can really be.

It's a romp, a farce and a crime piece all wrapped into one novella.

I'd recommend it to the house.

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