Sunday, 27 June 2010

Storm The Charts

On this one, I must start by declaring an element of self-interest, though I hope it will become clear that's not why I'm posting.

About two years ago I sat in a Glasgow hotel room with very good and very old friend Gareth. He's been in the music industry for so many years that he looks like a crotchet (though a very handsome one). He's told me tales of tours and bands that I can only soak up with envy and delight. 'There was that time I was in Russia with...".

Anyway, he told me that one of the most exciting bands around were looking for some help.

Morton Valence they're called. I checked them out. They're brilliant. I decided to get involved.

In effect what they were proposing was something new, collective ownership of an album. Reminded me of the independent music explosion that hit with punk and onwards in the times that indie meant something a little different than a just a style.

I liked the music. I had a few pounds spare and decided to help them get their album off the ground. I spent more pounds than I should have, but isn't that always the way.

With the support of fans, the band raised the money for their album 'Bob And Veronica Ride Again', and album of brilliant music and with a novella of the same name thrown in.

I've no expectation of making money and am simply happy to have been involved in such a maverick-minded enterprise.

Now they're trying something new with a number of other bands. The movement is called 'Storm the Charts' and it starts today, going on until the end of this week.

Basically, they want to rip the complacency out of the music download charts with a terrorist attack. Fans, friends and philistines alike are being asked to download some of the tunes of the bands involved. It would be great to see some of them up there making a name for themselves.

Here's how you do it.

You can go along to the link below and part with 79 pence:;

Or, if you'd like to look at the menu, sample something other than the delights of Chandelier, pop along to:;

and take your pick.

Should you go for Chandelier, I'm sure you won't regret it. It's a tuneful piece of melancholy that will have you whistling for days.


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