Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Static Movement

Static Movement. What a great name for a publisher.

I popped over there for the first time yesterday after seeing a post over at Paul Brazill's Blog. As ever Paul's right on the button. He's highlighted this one-stop-shop for writers who enjoy working with a little darkness or a little fantasy.

Chris Bartholemew is offering us all the opportunity to become part of a number of very attractive anthologies. They look great on the outside and Paul says, in an editorial post, he wants them to look just as good within.

Of course it's not just looks that count. Content is vital. It's nice to see that from the names already listed, the publications will have a certain pedigree - go and check them out for yourself at:

Alternatively, follow the link in the list at the side of the page.

So what did I mean by a one-stop-shop.

CAUGHT BY DARKNESS is an anthology of dark tales.

CREEPY THINGS is looking for stories about insects. I can't help thinking Kafka, and that just means I'm not even going to try. Shouldn't stop you though.

GOTHIC WORLD is as described. Whether you're work is horror, fantasy or literary, there's an possible spot for you.

YARNS FOR OUR YOUTH want children's stories.

WERE - WHAT is a were-monster anthology. The mind boggles and the teeth start to grow. Whatever your biggest nightmares, I'm sure you can conjure up a monster of some kind. Imagine what you could do to your most hated teacher, for example.

THRILLER is an anthology aimed at young adults. It's a big market and the title is likely to do well.

BOUNTY HUNTERS is the one that has me thinking. Stories about Bounty Hunters, what else? It really gets the mind going. If I get to write something new, this is the one that's most likely to reel me in.

DUSTED - any genre and any thing. It urges you to look in your trunks for a tale you wrote a lone time ago, something you might have forgotten, something that might have grown arms and legs since you last saw it.

So you see, something for everyone.

Take a look, see what you think and then have a go. I'm sure you've got it in you.

And Chris. Good luck with all your efforts.

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