Saturday 17 April 2010

Shivers Down My Backbone

Since the demise of our 'Rue Bella' website some years ago, the three posts today just about cover my entire online work. Hopefully I'll get to put things on here every so often once they've been rejected by mags and thrown out of comptetitions. I'd say watch this space only I wouldn't be joining you:

I learned a lot from the series. There are lots of great people out there to check out. Here you'll find links to their work, to magazines, blogs and websites. There are also lots of ideas of what people are reading so that you can dip your toe in there. Highly recommended.

From my point of view I tried hard not to take it too seriously, not to seem pretentious, to seem really interesting and to come across as an all round good egg; clearly didn't make it, but will brush up on that technique if ever asked again.

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