Saturday 17 April 2010

An Arm And A Leg

Writing 'An Arm And A Leg' felt great. The words came easily and the story unfolded itself before me as if I were working with a sat nav system.
A couple of trusted readers took a look and gave me their comments and I did something about them - no point asking for advice and then ignoring it (unless you know they're wrong).
I finished editing and polishing the piece as my eldest daughter pranced round the room watching Strictly Come Dancing (opportunities for writing have to be taken when they arise).
I couldn't say who was knocked out of Strictly that night, or who was in it or what they wore, but I remember well sending off to Jen at Crimespree.
Next day, by reply, it had been accepted. I did a couple of cartwheels and we took the kids out for the day, me being a couple of inches taller.
I'm still a little bit taller today than I was that Saturday, so thanks to Crimespree for their good work. I know what it is to put together a mag and it's definitely a labour of love (more soon).
An Arm And A Leg was in Crimespree 34 @

I can't wait to see my copy. It's in the post, probably delayed by the eruption disruption (thanks Al).
More than seeing my story in print, or level with that, I'm looking forward to reading the Scott Wolven piece. I read 'Controlled Burn' earlier this year and some of the stories within it are stunning. El Rey and Tigers stood out for me. The man could move mountains with his work.
Get yourself a copy, then you'll know.

"People claim that death is not alive, yet it is ever-happening and constant. Death doesn't die. It feeds on loved ones and enemies alike and makes itself stronger and everywhere." SW

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