Friday 25 December 2020



Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2020
This is an excellent and gripping story that revolves around a 
serial killer who strikes just before, and on, St Valentine’s Day. 
This central core is interwoven with some of the police officers’ 
back-stories, including one whose cousin is in thrall to a group 
of drug dealers. It’s a kind of matriarchy whose tentacles it’s 
almost impossible to escape. There’s more than just this, though.
 It’s a densely-woven fabric of a story and I whizzed through it. I enjoyed it hugely.

I don't usually post individual reviews of my work, 
but when you get your first for a new novel it means a lot. 
Not only was this the first review, it's the first time anyone 
has given me any feedback on the novel. Of course,
I'm delighted that she liked it and I'd like to express a
heart-felt thanks for the thought and the effort taken to
 read and evaluate. 
It may seem strange that this is my first feedback and 
that probably says more about me than anything else. 
After working closely will the lovely Allan Guthrie 
right through the first book in the series, I was lucky 
enough to have his input into thinking about aspects of
 the story arc for Valentine. After that, it's pretty much 
been a solitary venture. Because the book was already 
signed as part of a series, there was no direct feedback 
from the publisher either- I think that possibly gets lost
 in the journey when one book follows another. 
So, a huge thank you and a happy Christmas to 
Kath Middleton.
Can I also pass on my Christmas wishes to everyone
 who has popped in over the last year or who has taken
 the time to read any of my work. It's been tough and
 we've all had to dig deep. I know my personal reserves 
all but ran out months ago, but there's hope and I'm clinging 
to that with the strength I have left. Be happy and healthy 
and try and appreciate the good things about what you have. 

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  1. Wishing you all the best for 2021, Nigel. It really has to be better than this year.